Thursday, October 18

For You...

This card is so bright and cheery- and simple to make. I layered on cardstock and patterned paper to a card front that had scrappers floss wrapped around it. Stamped the sentiment and punched it out. Inked the edges- added a little glitter a.k.a bling and attached the circle to the card front with a pop dot. It's about as simple as it gets. The stamp is from TAC as well as the paper.

Blessings to be counted...
1. To have had a work day that when reflected upon...I can honestly say that I may have been able to help someone and make a difference in their life today! Today is somewhat overwhelming..and that statement is not meant as a brag on myself but a thanks to God for placing that person in my life and allowing me that experience!
2. I am also thankful to finally be home, warm, dry and alive this evening.
3. It is truly a blessing that my kiddo isn't perfect and gets in trouble occassionally. This always me to ground her which in turns allows us time to reconnect as mother and daughter. Only a few more short days and I have to allow the rest of the world back in her life and we will be back to normal teenage behavior!
4. My husband who helped cook a meal that he really doesn't like.


Dawn said...

This is really nice. I love it!!

Nancy Grant said...

Wonderful layout. I love it!