I have to say urghh!!!

And maybe even yuck. I swear I have a lack of "vision". I envy those of you that can look at a stamp and see the layout, ink color, paper and embellishments instantly!! I completed this card with two intentions. One to try the sketch challenge on SplitCoast today and two for a gal in the office whose daughter is turning 21 on Sunday. Sunday....humm I still have enough time to try to change this one or start all over :) Back to watch the Olympics!! Blessings: 1) Public Schools and the fact that they are back in session. 2) The fact that rose bushes are pretty hearty and tend to be very difficult to kill :) Life Lesson: Never send your angry teenager out to trim the rose bushes mid-season as a consequence :) Wait until late fall or early spring when they should be cut to the ground anyway!!

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