I'm Glad it is Saturday!

Eventhough I did my misc. housekeeping job today I still feel way more relaxed than on a typical workday! I got to go to Hobby Lobby...lots of empty space in the paper isle!!! I am stalking the cutting tools as I have heard rumor that nesties have been seen in other stores...and I still need the circles and ovals....I am debting they change their 40% off coupon to say not valid on Spellbinders...anyone else think so??? This was a card I did last week...rubbed ink on the inside of the cuddlebug folder...and then embossed. I had seen a white on white challenge and was taking a shot at it but I ended up with way too much color to submit it as a white on white card! It shimmers more in person with the silver accents.

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Sharon said...

Beautiful cards, as always!!! Good advice about the rose bushes; I have a neighbor who's volunteered to help me with the garden during treatment, but I've seen HER yard, so have been avoiding the subject with her!!!

The word I hear is that HL coupons don't say anything about it this week, but will eventually limit the QUANTITY of Nesties you can buy with a coupon.

Happy shopping!!!

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