From The Yard.....

I have fallen in LOVE with my camera once again!! I was struggling with it recently after purchasing a new lens, then a friend helped me figure out what setting I messed up and wahhhhlaaaaa. I am a happy camper again...back to taking photos.
This lilly is one of many that we have in our yard. The cool thing is that we never planted these...nor have we ever had to water or care for them. They started on the opposite side of the privacy fence in our neighbors yard and little by little the last few years, more have popped up on our side of the fence. Now the question is how do we stop them from over taking the yard???? 
This Iris was one of the first flowers of the season. It was growing at the school yard in the garden. So pretty...and fits in perfect as the school colors are purple and white.
And last but not least, these little gems are starting to sprout and grow in our tiny tiny garden. We had one that would have been big enough to eat....but Kenny said he found it with teeth marks in it. Most likely the work of the snoopy bird dog. Apparently, she did not like it as she left it in the plant for us to find vs. eating it.

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